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Large boomerangs are very impressive and fun to throw!  They also look great as wall art and are a great gift or trophy item.  I use a 36" boomerang in nearly all of my demonstrations - and will throw it, if I have the room to throw it safely. 
The boomerangs can be painted in a wide variety of colors, or stained with light or dark stain.  Please specify what colors you wish to have on the boomerangs.  If no colors are specified, I will paint them similar to the one pictured above with either red/orange/yellow or red/white/blue... depending on what mood I am in.
The main concern about throwing large boomerangs is the safety issue.  Because of their size and mass, a large boomerang can hurt you if you try to catch it - or seriously injure someone who is in your throwing area.

I DO NOT recommend large boomerangs for sport throwing!
If you purchase a large boomerang from me, I want you to be aware that you are SOLELY responsible for the boomerang and any damage/injury it may cause.  It should be treated with the same respect you would give any potentially harmful item.  I cannot be held responsible for any any injury caused by the use or misuse of any of my boomerangs.  As long as you understand this statement, you are welcome to order anything on these pages.



The 24-inch boomerang is similar to the one in the picture above.  It has a flight of about 25 meters, and is an easy boomerang to throw.  They are durable and not as scary to catch as the 36. The Aircraft birch is a little heavier and less prone to warpage.
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6mm Baltic Birch - $44.95
6mm Aircraft Birch (12-ply) $54.95


The 36-inch boomerang is the one pictured above.  It has a weight of about 1 pound, and takes a powerful, practiced throw for good returns.  The 5-ply version is slightly less weight, and easier to manage.  It will make a 30m circle.  Catching is not recommended.**
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6mm Baltic Birch - $64.95
6mm Aircraft Birch (12-ply) - $74.95

Larger boomerangs available by special request.  The main problem with making larger boomerangs is the shipping factor.  If you have an account with a freight firm, this may not be a problem for you.

Below is some Artistic/Tribal versions. Request this style, or make a suggestion. Each boomerang is painted individually, so no two boomerangs will look alike.

Lareg Example

Please see my Disclaimer page about boomerang responsibility.  These web pages are about my hobby.  I am not making my living by selling boomerangs, nor do I have a large bankroll to pay for frivolous lawsuits.  If you are that type of person, you would be better off trying to sue McD's for making you fat.  If I just offended you... good! 

Now, go somewhere else and leave me alone!

If you are still reading this, and chuckling at my audacity, then you are always welcome here.

**  I have to say this to keep the lawyers off my back.  I catch mine on a regular basis, but I don't plan on suing myself anytime in the near future, either.