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Because of the litigious society we live in today, I find it necessary to make the following statements. Like any inanimate object, a boomerang can be used to hurt or injure yourself or another person, but when used properly, they are among the safest sporting toys available today. Also, they can be a great way of increasing personal health and zest for life.

That being said, please read the disclaimer below. This is submitted in hopes that the minority of people who are looking for free money will realize I am trying to cover all the bases. Also, let it be known that I am not making enough money on this site for it to be worth while for anyone to begin a frivolous lawsuit.

Boomerangs are not just toys!

This is a serious sport, and failing to follow safety guidelines could result in serious injury to yourself or others around you. Boomerangs DO return to the thrower when thrown properly, but the boomerang may behave erratically in winds or in the hands of inexperienced throwers. Please read the throwing instructions carefully and make sure you have plenty of room before throwing - especially if you are new to this sport. If you have any questions, please send
e-mail to Kendall or write to me at the mailing address on my order page. I want everyone to enjoy this sport as much as I do, but by deciding to throw the boomerang, you have accepted the responsibility for ANY accidents. Also, any boomerang you purchase from me becomes your personal responsibility, and you are obligated to inform other throwers of possible dangers from misuse or abuse of the boomerang.

If you cannot accept this, you must not purchase any - but you are still welcome to look all you want. If reading this disclaimer has discouraged you from purchasing a boomerang, please send me an e-mail by
Clicking Here! I would like any feedback you have about this or anything else on my website.

If you agree with this statement, feel free to order boomerangs from my website.  If you DO NOT agree to this statement, please feel free to look all you want - just remember that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for any injuries inflicted when you use any object improperly.  

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