Throwing the Triskelian UHB

Cross-Body Throw

Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart, facing the breeze.  Pinch the end of one wing between thumb and forefinger - with the flat side against your forefinger.  Swing your arm underhand - across your body - and release the boomerang at about the point where it crosses in front of your opposite knee.  Keep the UHB as perpendicular as possible (imagine the throw as being completely upside-down.)  Try to release the boomerang as though you are throwing straight toward a target that is about four feet off the ground and 20 meters out.

The "LayUnder" angle (opposite of layover) should be about 5 degrees.  If you pull the boomerang up too much, the flight will be very high and elliptical.  If you throw too high off the horizon, this will give a similar high flight, but more circular.

Hiking Throw

Stand with your feet greater than shoulder-width apart.  Hold the boomerang as above.  The breeze should be blowing across your body at a 90 degree angle - toward your throwing arm.  Throw the boomerang between your legs similar to hiking a football.  Concentrate on throwing straight back - not up.  (This will be the hardest part of the throw.  I usually end up hitting the dirt or throwing too high.  Also, you really have to watch the follow-through.)  The LayUnder will be easier to get right with this throw.

Flight Characteristics

The proper flight will be almost circular with the boomerang climbing through most of the flight.  It will "lay-up" through the flight so it is spinning horizontal when it returns.

Too Much LayUnder (Opposite of layover on a normal boomerang.)

The boomerang will climb too quickly and give an elliptical flight.  It will climb and stall, then swoop back toward you.  It will then stall behind you and come back again.  This flight is interesting, and sometimes desired.  You get the most distance, and it is still pretty accurate.  It may "see-saw" back and forth a bit, though, and will be less predictable.

Too Much Height

The boomerang will circle higher, and land somewhat behind you.  On a calm day, the boomerang may spiral back around to you, but it is less predictable.

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