Guaranteed to return or your money will!

I have been making boomerangs since 1987 and I started throwing boomerangs in 1979. My first good boomerangs were purchased from The Boomerang Man in Monroe, LA. He now carries several of my designs on his website. If you are new to boomerangs, the Beginner or Sport boomerang links are the ones you will want to check out first.  I always include throwing instructions with each order.  You can also read my instructions online - if you already have a boomerang, but can't get it to return.

If you have questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact me.  I am always happy to help you with any information I can give.  You don't have to purchase anything from me to ask a question.  I can also refer you to other people who make fine boomerangs, too.  Just ask..

This is me throwing a 49" boomerang!


<Artistic drawings by Rob Van Elven - Sydney, Australia>