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Mega Spinners
Mega Spinner

The MegaSpinner is about 12 inches across the span. This larger triblade is excellent for young and old alike. the extended range (about 20 yards) is great for small areas. The 3mm version can be tuned for long hovers.

3mm Price - $23.95   (Available in 4mm version upon request) 

The 4mm version has a bit longer range and is more stable in windier conditions. Great for seasoned throwers.$25.95

Videos of Michael Sanford throwing:
Single MegaSpinner finger catch
Doubling with two MegaSpinners

I developed this boomerang to be a hybrid of a traditional and a triblade. It only has the two arms, but it works like a tri in that the elbow is a third wing. It is great as an endurance 'rang, and just a lot of fun to throw! The pattern is about 20 yards.

12" Tip to Tip
Price -- $23.95 - [4mm]
Video of Michael Sanford throwing a Vector!
Flared Vee
Flared Vee
This is one of the most popular boomerangs on my website.  It has a great circular flight which can be mastered by throwers as young as 12 years old.  It does take a bit more skill and strength, so it is recommended for teenagers and above.
13" Tip to Tip  Range - 30-35 yards

 Price -- $18.95

Ultra V
This was originally a design I used for some LapJoint boomerangs, but I liked the flight so well, I decided to put it into production. The range on this boomerang is about 30 yards. It is amazingly accurate, and is also easy to catch. This will probably become one of your favorite "traditional" boomerangs - it certainly is one of mine!

13.5" Tip to Tip
Price -- $21.95 [6mm Baltic] 

This 4mm triblade boomerang is styled from a discontinued Wham-O plastic boomerang. It is about 11 inches across and has a nice, climbing flight with a decent hover. It is great for warm-up, or trick catch practice. The range is about 20-22 meters. A very good boomerang for beginners and sport throwing.
Price -- $23.95 [4mm]

The omega shape is one of the most forgiving designs for consistent flight and distance.  This boomerang will make a 35-40 meter circle, and is amazingly accurate.  I began making this boomerang in the spring of 2005, and it has received rave reviews from beginners and advanced throwers.  It is not difficult to throw, but can be weighted and used in the Australian Round competition.

13" across the tips

Price -- $32.95 [5mm]

Quark 4mm The Newest design (Summer 2002)... the Quark is a four bladed boomerang with a higher flight and floating return for easy or trick catches. Made from 4mm aircraft plywood (8 thin layers of birch.) Can be used in competition, or just relaxing.

Price $27.95  Range 20 Yards

The Ninja boomerang is made from 4mm Aircraft plywood, and it has a nice, circular, climbing flight .  The slightly forward-swept wings with a thicker  cord give it a higher flight, but it can be thrown higher and more vertical for even higher, hovering flights.  The range is about 20-25 yards, and it is fun to try to catch it on your finger.  It is just slightly larger than the Splat! and they make a great pair for throwing together. The one shown is a special hand-painted edition...

Range 20-25 yards, span 12 inches.

Price -- $29.95 - [4mm] 


The Splat! boomerang is made from 4mm Aircraft plywood, and it has a nice circular flight with an easy "belly-up" return.  The slightly forward-swept wings with a narrow cord give it a lower flight, but it can be thrown higher and more vertical for higher, hovering flights.  The range is about 20-25 yards, and it is fun to try to catch it on your finger.

Range - 20-25 yards, span 11.5 inches (across the widest point)

Price -- $29.95 - [4mm] 


The Pterodactyl is a new boomerang design. It has a nice, slow, circular flight with an easy return. The span is about 14 inches. It is a great boomerang for casual throwing, or warm-up. The range is reported as 30-35 meters.

Price -- $29.95 
Flying RFlying RFlying F

E-Rang PsychoE-Rang

Don't let the odd shapes fool you... This is a great flyer, and looks good on display, too. I make several letter shapes (noted below), but this seems to be the most popular. Even if your name isn't Robert, Rebecca, or Ricky, you'll get plenty of enjoyment out of this artistic boomerang!

The other letters I make are the same price as the "R," and are roughly the same size (or font, if you like.) Letters I can make into successful fliers are: A, E, F, H, K, L, M, R, T, U, W, Y.

Letter boomerangs are roughly 10"x12"
Price -- $34.95 - [5mm] 
These are all special order, so the delivery may be up to two weeks, or more.

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