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My name is Kendall Davis, and I make boomerangs as a Hobby. I also give demonstrations where I discuss the history of boomerangs and throwing sticks. If you have a club or organization and would like a free demonstration, please call me, send an e-mail request, or send snail-mail to the address below. My only request is to be allowed to sell boomerangs afterward if someone is interested. I do not give a "sales pitch" during my presentation, but will have stock on hand in the event that someone wants to purchase any. This will help me defray the cost of materials and my time. You can�t beat the price, and nobody will be bored with the program! If you are opposed to my selling boomerangs afterward, we can work around that - I'm pretty easy to get along with...

Here is a synopsis of the discussion:

First I start off (if room allows) by throwing a few boomerangs. I have boomerangs which can be thrown inside a small gym or large room with a high ceiling. I can also bring shorter-distance "room-a-rangs" for meeting halls and smaller rooms. All my boomerangs are safe for practically all throwers, although I do have some longer-distance boomerangs geared more toward skilled throwers. Throughout the demonstration I try to show different boomerang flights and catches.

Next I will give a discussion of the history of boomerangs and throw-sticks. Most people think that boomerangs were made for hunting. This is only marginally correct. Actually, the precursor to boomerangs (the Kylie or Throw-stick) was a throwing club which was flattened and had a type of airfoil which would make it fly a short distance to increase the reach of the hunter. These sticks were not returning boomerangs, but were the precursor of the returning boomerang. They have been found around the world in Southwest America, Egypt, and European countries - not just in Australia.

I then progress to a discussion of the proper airfoil and throwing techniques of a returning boomerang. I have several different models of boomerang to include boomerangs shaped like letters of the alphabet, animals, people, and other "off-the-wall" shapes.

Lastly I discuss the current sport of boomerangs. I tell about competitions I have attended, different events in a tournament, types of boomerangs used in specific events, and give some information about current event records.

If time permits, I will take questions from the crowd and/or give throwing lessons to interested attendees. I can also hand out patterns for making your own returning boomerang with a cereal box or other cardboard item.

If you wish, I can also gear my presentation toward a discussion of life principles and show how the boomerang can relate to our life and interaction with the world around us.  Being a believer in Christ as the Messiah, I am more than happy to share my faith during the discussion, but if your group is a secular organization, I am willing to give a more generic discussion, also. 

I can be contacted through this e-mail, or you can contact me through traditional means below...

Please send snail-mail to:

Kendall Davis
932 21st Street
Rock Island, IL 61201

Or call me at: Ph.# 309.793.9885