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Please read my disclaimer before purchasing any boomerangs.

Arkansas Razorback Arkansas Razorback boomerang! Yes, you have always heard, "When Pigs FLY!"  Well, this one really does. As with any of the boomerangs you see on this website, guaranteed to return, or your money will! I make this one from 5mm Aircraft grade plywood, and it has a circular flight of about 25 yards or more. Notice that there is also a second hog in the negative space, so this really is "When pigs fly!"

Price $44.95  Range - 25 yards
15 inches

Moose The Moose is about 18" across, and made from 4mm Aircraft plywood. It has 7 lifting surfaces, and flies well. It does take a strong throw, but is a fully returning boomerang and great art/conversation piece to boot. Special throwing instructions will accompany this one, but any seasoned thrower will have lots of fun throwing and catching it!

Price 79.95   Range 25-30 yards

Peregrine Falcon
The Hawk boomerang is a nice, high-flying boomerang with a great hovering decent - almost like a trick catch boomerang.  This one is painted like a Peregrine falcon, but I can do other motifs (Eagle, Iowa Hawkeye, etc.) if you want.  The boomerang is not for beginners, but intermediate or "Sport" throwers will have a lot of fun with this design.

Price - $44.95     Range - 25 yards
13 inches across the wing tips    Special Request Please give Raptor style, and colors.

Coat Hanger
Coat Hanger
Made from 4mm Aircraft Plywood, this unoriginal design functions well as a coat hanger, and also flies in a 20+ meter circle with an easy-to-catch return. Amaze your friends by throwing and catching your coat hanger! Painted any color upon request. Can be personalized with your favorite dry cleaner's logo.

Price $27.95  Range 20+ yrds
16" across
Batwing Boomerang
The Batwing!

This design flies easy, has a nice hover, and is also easy to catch. This is a great boomerang for warming up the throwing arm, and also looks great as a decoration or conversation piece. The range is about 20 yards and it has a nice, climbing flight.

Price - $27.95   About 13" across.

I remember the Batarang looking like this in the 70's comic books. The original Batarang was styled after the returning Aboriginal boomerang. I think this one is a good representation of the retro version. It has a nice, circular flight and can be easily caught as you fend off the Riddler.

MegaBat - $39.95
19 inches
-  Two-hand catch recommended..

A friend of mine sent me a boomerang shaped similar to this, but I modified it and lengthened the tail to give it a more balanced throw. This is a nice returner, and I can even paint it to match your pet, if you send a photo. E-mail photos of your cat to the address above.

Price - $34.95      Range - 20 yards
13 inches - paw to tail 

The Straight Razor is a classic design probably originated by the Janetski brothers in Australia.  This design has a tighter angle than the others I have seen, so it has a nice, circular flight and is very accurate.  It makes about 25 yards.

Price - $27.95     Range - 25 yards
15 inches across  


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