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The Wave
The Wave
The Wave - A medium hook boomerang, styled after the Rod Jones Peregrine.  This boomerang shape is a classic hook design with a nice, round flight and good distance.  It can be weighted for distances of 55m or more.  I have had some very favorable comments on this boomerang, and I believe you will enjoy it, also.

13" Span
Price -- $35.95 - [5mm]

Hook Omega
This omega style hook is very accurate and will make a 40-45m circle. It would make a great addition to your boom bag. I plan to use it in the next Accuracy competition I'm in. The wings are narrow, but the way I cut the wood gives it plenty of strength. Add a little lead tape and get it out to 50 meters.
15½" Tip to Tip
Price -- $39.95 - [5mm]


What is that!?! It's an Underhand boomerang. The wings are swept forward so far that it will precess upside down. This boomerang is thrown upside down, and backward. This is truly an advanced boomerang. I will not sell one of these to a beginner without talking to them first. The pattern is about 35 meters. It can be thrown underhand or between the legs (like hiking a football.) Again, this is NOT a conventional boomerang, but it IS a boomerang in every sense of the word!
11" across

Price -- $34.95 - [4mm] 

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Video of
Eric Schoenhenz throwing a Left Hand Triskelian!


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