Shipping Charges

[USA Only]
Canadian Customs delays delivery about 3 Weeks (maybe more), so be patient.
International shipping rates are below.


FREE SHIPPING for School or Club orders
of ANY SIZE! (
Please contact me!)

 All others: 1st Class or Priority
Price Range


$0.01 - $29.99


$30.00 - $69.99


$70.00 - $99.99


$100.00 - $149.99


$150 and Up




For faster order delivery, or if you want more information, send an e-mail. I will start to work on "out-of-stock" items and will ship the order as soon as the boomerangs are completed (after the payment arrives .) I guarantee fast service -- no matter how long it takes! ;-)

I make my boomerangs from 6mm Baltic and Finland birch and 4mm & 5mm Finland Aircraft plywood. The Aircraft plywood has 2 layers per mm, and is more durable and flexible than the 5-ply 6mm birch. You will notice two prices on some boomerangs -- reflecting different types of plywood. The price designated with [FB or BB] is for 5-ply Finland or Baltic birch.

International Shipping to ALL countries

Shipping Method - International 1st Class Mail 1-3 Weeks (delivery time cannot be guaranteed) 


 0.01-24.99 $25.00
 25.00-49.99 $ 30.00
50.00-79.99 $ 35.00
80.00 and up $ 40.00



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