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Some items listed below have only one or two in stock.  I will try to update this as the status changes.
Nothing is GUARANTEED to be in stock.  These are what I have in stock as of 03/25/2017 .  
Colors shown below are not indicative of exact colors in stock - unless specified.
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This is one of the easiest boomerangs you will ever throw. I has a short range and a very long hover if you throw it properly. If you throw hard and vertical, it will circle around twice. An easy throw will result is perfect single round flights. I throw this one in demos inside gyms. Kids as young as 6 years will enjoy this one!  This boomerang is not painted! It is made from aromatic Cedar.

Watch a video of me throwing and catching this boomerang.

14½ " across  Range - 10-12 yards

Price -- $9.95

   FunFly Indoor Boomerangs
FunFly Indoor
The FunFly boomerang is a great indoor boomerang for home or office. Kids can easily master this boomerang, and moms like them because they are safe for indoor throwing. They are great for office spaces, and can be tuned for left or right-hand throwing. This is another Eric Darnell invention which has never been matched by Asian competitors. (limited number of Pink)

Price - $4 each - $36 per dozen.
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AirDancer (Orange Only)

Window friendly! This boomerang is great for backyard use and is VERY SAFE for kids.  I have them in SOLID COLORS only.  The picture is just to show the colors I have in stock.  I do not make these boomerangs.  I get them from the maker - Eric Darnell - who is one of the coaches for our National Boomerang Teams.  
You Must tune this boomerang for Right or Left Hand throws.  Instructions included.

Price - $8, Range 7+ yards 

ProFly (
 Also available in Red-Orange or Fuchsia
This is the ProFly made by Eric Darnell.  This is the only boomerang on this site that I do not make.  It is made from Polypropylene and is bright fluorescent orange.  I can only get these in a Right Hand version.  They are a very good beginner boomerang with about 25-30 yards of range.  They also float, so they are great to take to the ocean or lake. Another neat thing about this boomerang is that you can't lose the instructions.  It has them embossed on the back for easy reference while out in the field.

Price -- $8.95

I have some ABS in Translucent Red. These are heavier, and have some minor scuffs, but are a preferred version for seasoned throwers.  These are $7.95