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WEBSITE or Other Info

Rob van Elven - Sydney, NSW
A wealth of information!
Excellent Artist, Too!

Rebel Boomerangs
Scott Weinberger
Gilbertsville, PA

Rebel Boomerangs Logo
Ted Bailey - Designer of the modern MTA!
  Home of the THE Boomerang Auction!
Ted's Homepage
Ted's Catalog and Boomerang Information
Ted Bailey
David Short


Cooter Brown Boomerangs
Bill Glover Boomerangs
Bruce Bernstein - Chicago, IL 

'Rangs by Bruce!  "Herb Smith Quality"
Gerhard Bertling - Germany German Boomerang Page! [English version]
Boomerang Association of Australia Boomerang Association of Australia logo
Ardilhes Moreira
Brazil Boomerang Magazine


Boomerang Evolution - NEW
French Boomerang Seller

Adam Carroll - Tasmania (AU) (Great rangs!)
Tom Conally -  North Carolina Flying Frog Boomerangs
Olivier Duffez
  Author of the Boomerang Passion Newsletter
Boomerang Passion : le portail du boomerangBoomerang Passion (Fr)
more than 130 plans of boomerangs
English Version
Michael "Gel" Girvin Gel Boomerangs Home Page
Richard Harrison [Boomerang Man!]
Monroe, LA

Online Catalog 
Great boomerangs from around the world!
Dave Hendricks
  "Caught in his BVDs!"
Boomerangs by Dave Hendricks!  (Formerly BVD'Rangs)
  Chili Head info, too!
Tibor Horvath B'AGGRESSIVE &
Pierre Kutek - Marseilles, France Boomerang Plans Database, and a lot more!
Ed ter Laare The Netherlands Boomerang PageDutch Boomerang Club ABO
Jerri Leu - Brazil
Stephane Marguerite Walla'B Boomerangs [Canada]
Richardo Bruni Marx [Portuguese]
Maurice Monnot France La Pérouse Boomerang Club
Roger Perry
Dietmar Reinig German Art Booms
David Schummy Schummy Booms (Link at bottom)
William K. Sotak Harrisville, PA Katos
Etienne Sourd [Trumpet Man] Canada Montreal Boomerang Club [French]
Richard Spurling Adelaide, South Australia Boomerangs over South Australia
Pat Steigman Tyler, TX Pat's Cool Page! S/L Booms, Caps
Roland Untereiner Strasbourg, France Hopla! Boomerang Club
John Villagrana Santa Fe Springs, CA Whishhbone Boomerangs