Regarding E-mail forwarding...

Let me start off by saying that I like getting e-mail that is sent to me from someone who wants to have a discussion, or just send a note of greeting .  When a long-lost friend gets my address, and sends me a message about what is going on in their life, that really makes my day!  When I can have an ongoing conversation with someone who I've never met, but we have similar interests, this is so cool.  I really enjoy the speed and connectivity of the Internet!!!  I like it when I get e-mail from friends - especially when they are discussing the latest antics of their kids, their pets, what boomerang they just purchased, or just to share a request for help or prayer.  These are just a few of the wonderful things about the Internet and e-mail.

If the e-mail did not originate from your computer, don't send it to me!
Only one of the reasons I don't have my e-mail address on this website.

Although I really enjoy getting e-mail messages from my friends, I am very disappointed when someone forwards a message to me which they received from a friend, which that person, in turn, received from a friend, ad infinitum.  In my opinion, these are likened to receiving a letter from someone which they received from someone else.  After reading it, they just xerographed it and stuck the copy in an envelope to send to me. No personal message or greeting... NOBODY would do this with regular mail, so why do it with e-mail?  And if that weren't bad enough, many of these messages have a final note which tries to make me feel guilty about not wanting to continue the nonsense of forwarding it on to EVERYONE in my address book.  I was especially disappointed recently when I received a message from a well-meaning friend and the final sentence basically stated, "no one will know if you forward this on to anyone else, but God will know...THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW!!  For one thing, I cannot be sure the message was what God would want me to send, and the AUDACITY of trying to make me think God would judge me for not forwarding a message really irked me.  God has more important things to do than punish me for not wasting bandwidth!!

At this point, I make it a habit to just delete messages which have a Subject line of "FW: RE: FWD: <insert cute story here> I BREAK ALL CHAIN LETTERS - NO EXCEPTIONS!! (They're illegal, you know?)  And, I especially do not like reading messages which look similar to this:

>>>>>  Here is a great story about a young,
orphaned kid
>>>>>  who was really disappointed that her feet were
>>>>>  about to be amputated because she stepped on
>>>>>  a razor which had been used >>> by an aids-infected
>>>>>  person in the inner city...

This message would have been forwarded AT LEAST five times, and nobody wanted to clean it up...

How inconsiderate of anyone to send a message like this.  It is difficult to read in the first place, and generally just a waste of time.  Most of these calls for help are just urban legends, and should be checked out before you send them.  There are several sources on the internet which will let you know that Bill Gates will not give you a free computer or money if you send this message to 50 other people.  There are also websites that will tell you that the message you received from a friend (who knows someone in a big firm who sent them this latest virus warning about not opening a message with the subject of "Just say YES to Gorgonzola!") is really just a hoax. (As an aside... did you ever notice that many of these come from people who are on [that big ISP]? - This is not an indictment, just an observation.)

Check out hoax messages by looking here before forwarding them: 

That being said, BY ALL MEANS, please send me a message from your heart, or some cogent bit of information or VALID warnings.  If you do forward a note to my e-mail address, PLEASE try to clean it up, and don't forward it with the thousands of e-mail addresses attached before the body of the message you want me to read.  If you send a message to me and 50 other persons, PLEASE don't put all the addresses in the TO field so everyone else will get my address.  Use the BCC field for all the names, so all our privacy is respected.

You can contact me by using my other contact info in the menu to the left.

I have taken off all of my mail forms because the spammers are the only ones using them, lately.




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